Silver IPPY Award Winner for Aging/Death & Dying

spiritual perspectives on death and dyingSpiritual Perspectives on Death and Dying

In Spiritual Perspectives on Death and Dying, the author gathers basic insights from five major sources: C. G. Jung, the LSD research of Stanislav Grof, the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions and the writings of Alice Bailey. The sequence of events of the dying process, the fundamental journey of the soul and the thoughtful advice from these sources are reviewed. What unfolds is a vista of challenge and hope.


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See the EVENTS page for dates and locations of Dr. Hill’s presentation on this topic, titled Death and the Archetypal Journey of the Soul.

Energence of the Cosmic Psyche, Bernice HillEmergence of the Cosmic Psyche: UFOs and ETs from the Perspective of Depth Psychology

Bernice Hill, a trained Jungian Analyst, recounts how she was drawn step by step into a current exploration of the UFO-extraterrestrial mystery. While her attention was first caught by the dreams and experiences of her clients another factor impelled her interest. Earlier in her career she had worked as a chemist researching the effects of atomic radiation on biological material. When she learned of the deep concern the ETs had with our weapons of mass destruction her curiosity deepened. A chance encounter with a shaman sent out by Maori grandmothers to fulfill an ancient prophecy inspired her to take circles of women on pilgrimage to Peru, New Zealand and Egypt. The grandmothers were intent on raising consciousness about our relationship to our earth; they knew that women were key to that shift. Drawing on 25 years experience with depth psychology, Bernice Hill explores the increasing necessity for us to open our awareness into the ever present fields of subtle energy within and around us.

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